Monday, May 17, 2010

Politicians Telling Us What to Preach? "No."

Dear Mrs. Pelosi ("dignity and worth of every person"? Please),

As a Christian preacher, I have a simple reply for you: "No."


Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Bravo! This is a laudable stance, and a brave one, and a patriotic one.

However, she's talking to Catholics.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Anastasia:

We Lutherans confess: "Whosoever will be saved, before all things it is necessary that he hold the Catholic faith."

I am a Catholic. And I urge all of my fellow Catholics to likewise say "no." :-)

Dawn K said...

When people speak of "living the Gospel" or "preaching the Gospel without words" it usually means that they do not really understand what the Gospel is.

Great Babylon 5 clip...B5 was an awesome show! (well, at least the first four seasons...)

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Dawn:

Excellent point indeed! I think this is absolutely the case. And I think people treat these politicians with kid gloves - which only enables them. She should have been given the bum's rush and told not to come back. Why does everyone bow and scrape before these people?

Dawn K said...

Yeah, one would think the response to a politician telling the Church what it should be preaching should be something like "Who do you think you are?" Politicians like Mrs. Pelosi have no authority to dictate what the Church's message should be. The Church is not a mouthpiece for the political cause of the month, liberal or conservative. The Church should be preaching what Christ has called us to preach - repentance and the forgiveness of sins in His name. It seems to me as though using the pulpit to advance political agendas is just another way that churches get off track from what they've been called to do.

Pastor Bakker said...

They should have stood up and shouted that they'd preach immigration when she votes pro-life.

fooser77 said...

America's very first Speaker of the House, was not only a Lutheran, but a trained Lutheran pastor, Frederick Muhlenberg. Unfortunately, as for the first Speaker of the House, as for the current one, both believed/believe in the 'Social Gospel.' To twist those 'unwashed' noodle further, this is the genesis of 'The New World Order.'

Dcn. Muehlenbruch said...

What seems to be more out of place than the Pelosi preaching to the the Bishops is that the Faith Based Initiative, which was despised when Bush was in office, has now been associated with the EPA to further the Green Movement.

How is it that the (supposed) "separation of church and state" now has the state "assisting" the church in proclaiming the "Green Gospel?"

If this is the true face of Liberalism, I would gladly refer the Pelosi and anyone else to a book by an RC author that clearly states that "Liberalism is a Sin."

Paul McCain said...

Oh, brother. I just saw this post. Great clip from Babylon 5.

I'll be more persuaded that Pelosi does, in fact, care for the "worth" of every person when she speaks out against murdering unborn children.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Paul:

Indeed. I think we are living in George Orwell World. Mrs. Pelosi might as well go ahead and say it: "All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others."

I also believe this is a result of the acceptance of Darwinism.

And how terribly sad that none of the RC clergy stood up and defended the unborn.