Thursday, June 09, 2011

Credo in Deum Patrem omnipotentem

"The daughter of a high Communist official, herself a Christian, learned one evening that she must face the firing squad at midnight.  Executions were frequent, and death sentences were passed on paltry pretenses, often for revenge.

This girl, before going to meet the 'midnight bride' - as execution was known - held a last supper of oat gruel and water with her cell companions....

As the girl was taken out, she raised her voice in the Creed.  Passing through the vaulted gallery, it echoed from wall to wall.  The words were those we say in church.  But it was a different Creed, because she meant every word.  She went to death for the one God and was received into life everlasting."

~ Sabina Wurmbrand, The Pastor's Wife

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