Saturday, June 18, 2011

"It's like Nemo on your sushi tray... Who woulda thought? It figures."

According to this article, the City of San Francisco is considering a ban on pet goldfish since "fish are often mass bred under inhumane conditions or stripped from the wild."

Meanwhile, according to this article the City of Los Angeles is interested in banning corn dogs for school kids and replacing them with (wait for it...): sushi.

So, some Californians don't want people to keep them alive in aquariums, but feeding them raw to school kids is a good idea.

Disclaimer: I have nothing against pet goldfish, sushi, or the State of California.  The confluence of these two news stories just struck me as ironic.


Bror Erickson said...

Off topic, but you being the Latin scholar, are you like me bothered by the existential underpinnings of the Movie Nemo, in that essentially the whole movie is about a fish looking for another fish named "no one"?

Father Hollywood said...

My clever students would often try to argue that "nemo" means "fish" (rather than "piscis").

From the standpoint of the story, it would have made more sense for the dad to be called "Nemo" as in the story, he goes from being a cowardly "nobody" into being a courageous father.

Then again, I suspect Latin had more clout with Jules Verne than with Pixar.