Thursday, June 02, 2011

Heroic Sisters in Christ

In my previous post about The Rev. Richard Wurmbrand, I mentioned that many of his books are available in the Kindle format for a dollar.  Similarly, his wife Sabina's autobiographical work The Pastor's Wife is likewise available for a buck.  It is also intriguing reading, especially after reading Richard's autobiographical accounts (Tortured for Christ and In God's Underground) - both also available for a dollar.

Obviously, their stories intertwine when they are together, and they diverge for the many years they were cruelly separated by their Communist captors. I began Mrs. Wurmbrand's book (I am currently 32% done), and it is fascinating, terrifying, enraging, saddening, and yet ultimately a triumph for the Gospel.  It is not maudlin, nor does Mrs. Wurmbrand either dwell on, nor minimize, the painful and cruel aspects of her incarceration.  She emphasizes the work and fellowship of Christians in the prisons and their work in confessing Christ - and she does so with grace, courage, quiet faith, and even humor.

One anecdote concerns a group of nuns Mrs. Wurmbrand befriended in Christian sisterhood and worship.  Nuns don't always get good press these days, and nearly every alum of Roman Catholic grade schools has anecdotes about screaming sisters wielding rulers and just generally being ugly.  Maybe these tales are completely true, maybe they are embellished, and maybe it's just the bad that stands in most people's memories.  I would imagine as is the case with most Christian charity, true good works are largely unseen.  Regardless of the impression most people have of nuns, one can't help admire the pluck of Mrs. Wurmbrand's friends under fire in her own words...

There were two Catholic sisters who glowed with calm goodness.  Uncomplaining, they looked after the older women.  They washed sore bodies.  They sang hymns.  They brought comfort where none was looked for.
"But are you allowed to sing?" I asked at our first meeting.
"We are allowed to sing, and they are allowed to beat us," Sister Veronica replied.
Sister Sophia, the younger of the two, showed livid bruises on her arms and neck.

I highly recommend Mrs. Wurmbrand's inspiring book, and if you can read books on a Kindle or Kindle reader, what a great opportunity to snag a whole suite of books written by Richard and Sabina for a dollar each!


visitor said...

Richard Wurmbrand was a guest speaker at the church I attended, decades ago. He sat in a wheelchair because of having been beaten on his feet and so standing was painful. You can see recordings of him speaking, on youtube.

Terry Maher said...

The pluck part is admirable. The nun part has nothing to do with it.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Visitor:

I would like to have met him. I'll have to wait for eternity!

Dear Terry:

I don't know what you mean, but thanks for writing!

Terry Maher said...

Leaping and jumping Judas, I became totally obscure in two short sentences? A new record!

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Terry:

Slap ya mama and keep yer skillet greasy all the time, the PE has changed his name? Well, shut my mouf, Jimmy Swaggart on Quaaludes!

Nice to hear from you, bro...

Terry Maher said...

That's actually my "real name". Sometimes if I'm logged into Google as me already rather than Past Elder then hit the blogs, I just post that way rather than sign out and sign in.

I suppose that road trip to Baton Rouge has to be put off for high water.