Monday, June 06, 2011

New Siberian Lutheran Newsletter!

Here is the May 2011 issue of the Siberian Lutheran Mission Society, including:
  • Part Two of "How Did I Become a Christian" by Leonid Tsibizov, the remarkable story of a young man's conversion
  • "An Interview with Pastor Igor Kizyaev" who conducts prison ministry in Siberia
  • "Winter Visitation in Siberia," an account of Bishop Lytkin's travels in the Siberian winter

As a reminder, St. Andrew's Lutheran Church in Novosibirsk has a blog run by Fr. Pavel Khramov.  You can also check out the website of the Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church (SELK) - note there is an option for English (see the English flag - the red cross on a field of white), the website of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Novosibirsk (the site is frequently offline), and the Russian-produced documentary about our sister parishes and brother pastors in Siberia: The Other Half of the Truth.

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