Saturday, June 04, 2011

End It, Don't Mend It

Just in case you were wondering what the Federal (sic) Reserve (sic) bankers (sic) are up to these days - especially considering that China has wised up and is pulling the rug out from under the dollar (which is in a tailspin), the credit rating of the United States is about to plummet, Americans are more pessimistic than ever of the economy ever recovering, Alan Greenspan is frightened and is calling for big tax hikes, job growth is stagnant (half of the new jobs last month came from McDonald's!) while gold is traded at a rate of 3,795% higher than it was 40 years ago when Nixon "closed the gold window" and took the dollar off of its last remaining peg to gold.

They must really be busy working on important things pertaining to the economy.  They must be agonizing day and night trying to figure out how to stabilize the dollar.  They must be  assembling the finest economic minds to troubleshoot and correct what has led to the current crisis that threatens the American way of life and even the economic health of the world.  Right?  Well, not exactly.  Are you ready for this?  They're pushing a gay rights agenda.

Yes, indeed, that is what the Fed ought to be doing about now.

Well, to paraphrase a line from Dirty Harry in Magnum Force, if we were put back on the gold standard and could once again trust our currency, "I wouldn't care if the whole Federal Reserve..."

End the Fed!

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