Monday, April 21, 2008

Inbred politics (not Louisiana)

Here is a report on the recent BCS meeting in the Missouri Synod.

Wow! And my beloved State of Louisiana has a bad reputation when it comes to politics! But then again, Huey P. Long and his spiritual descendants David Vitter, William Jefferson, and Ray Nagin never held themselves out as a churchmen.

If this except below is correct (and I have no reason to doubt its veracity), how can anyone seriously think having David Strand's wife representing the LCMS legally over the issue of the "gag order" imposed by her husband in firing Wilken and Schwarz is not a conflict of interest? And they make fun of my ancestors who come from West Virginia. At least we make a good faith effort to avoid marrying anyone closer than a first cousin. Even I only have six fingers on one of my hands. The LCMS is simply amazing.

We, the State of Louisiana, hereby abdicate the throne of "political inbreeding" and yield to the Synodocrats in Missouri. "The King(fish) is dead. Long live the I-don't-know-what-to-call-it!"

Read and weep:

"The other huge story from the meeting is that Todd Wilken and Jeff Schwarz told the BCS that they reject the hush money clause of the Synod’s proposed severance package are prepared to walk away from it — benefits and all — if the LCMS doesn’t rescind the gag order! The BCS decided against removing the gag order themselves — a move that would have done much to quell the storm — and instead put the whole issue into the hands of the law firm where, get this, David Strand’s wife serves as the chief counsel for the LCMS. So, the BCS decided to lawyer up. Interesting."

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