Thursday, April 17, 2008

Speaking of rumors...

There is no truth to the rumor that Pelican Publishing of Gretna, Louisiana is coming out with a special Louisiana edition of the Small Catechism. The giveaway is the fact the the Cajun Ten Commandments (below) are ordered according to the Protestant numbering scheme.

But if we did conduct catechesis in the local tongue (instead of that funny way people from Missouri talk), it might look a little like the following...


(unaltered original version found in Deut 5:6-12)

  • 1. Jus be one God in dat Heaven!
  • 2. Don't be having no idols.
  • 3. Don't be cussin' at nobody.
  • 4. Brought yo-self to church when dey open da doors.
  • 5. Listen to you maw-maw an' paw-paw.
  • 6. Don't be kilt nobody.
  • 7. Ma chere, don't sleep wit yo brother's wife.
  • 8. Don't go took nothin' from nobody.
  • 9. Always told da whole troot.
  • 10. Don't go wish fo yo' neighbor's pirogue or tings.


After he was dead, a Cajun discovered himself in Hell. He looked around awhile, then went right to work shoveling brimstone. The devil came up to him and said, "How you like it here, my friend? It's hard work and it's hot, yeah?"

The Cajun just smiled and answered, "It not so bad. The work is steady. I got no problem with steady work. And it ain't so hot. You think this is hot? Man, I'm from south Lousiana --- It hot there, my fren! This ain't nothing." He just laughed and went back to work singing and having a high old time.

Satan, being a former Texan, did not like Cajuns. He said to himself, "I'll get him. So he don't mind the hot, huh?" Satan waved a hand and the whole place was suddenly ice and snow, solid. And he said, "That'll fix dat fool!"

When he went back to check on the Cajun, he found him jumping up and yelling and laughing and clapping and dancing. So Satan said, "Man, what's wrong with you?!"

The Cajun smiled big and replied, "The Saints done won the Super Bowl!

As a bonus, here is an obligatory Boudreaux and Thibodeaux story...

Boudreaux and Thibodeaux were walking through the woods the other day, when a flying saucer landed near them. A door opened, and two little green aliens climbed down out of the spacecraft.

Thibodeaux turned to Boudreaux, "Mais, look at dat. What you tink dat is?"

Boudreaux, aiming his shotgun at the little space critters, replied, "Thibodeaux, I don' know, but you hurry back to de camp, put on de rice pot, and start makin' a roux!

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