Friday, April 18, 2008

Synodical Prez Endorsement

I honestly never thought I would actually endorse someone for Synodical President. But given all the recent events, I have had to reconsider. There is a long list of things that this candidate will not do.

In politics, whether ecclesiastical or secular, what a person will not do is often as important to the process as what he will do.

Please join me in this endorsement.


Chris said...

...I just got Rick Rolled!

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

Rick Astley was the last pop singer that my mom liked before she went over to the dark side of country music - that most immoral of all American musics - so I view this with mixed emotions.

Of course, I think he is Anglican. . . of course, eh, could be worse.

Father Hollywood said...

I think RA is the perfect synodical candidate. Look at the list of things he won't do...

1) give you up
2) let you down
3) run around
4) desert you
5) make you cry
6) say goodbye
7) tell a lie
8) hurt you

Personally, I'm tired of getting "Jer Rolled."