Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Kelly's a Hero!

I don't know whose blog this is ("Kelly's Blog"), but it's good.

This cartoon is right on the money (and I do mean "money" - since that is what seems to make this synod go round). Click below to blow it up. (Well, not "blow it up" in the sense of what Pres. Kieschnick would like to do with it, but rather in the sense of "enlarge").

And lest we forget, our confessions refer to arrogant church bureaucrats who oppose the Gospel and sacrifice doctrine for money (Fanning the Flame!(tm)), popularity (Ablaze!(tm)), and power (consolidation of control and silencing dissent, e.g. Res. 8-01A) as "Antichrist. "

"This isn't your grandfather's Antichrist" one might be tempted to say.

The LCMS leadership, while claiming we are all "walking together" (synod) in reality, are treading down a very dangerous and alien path, one that a medieval cartographer might have labeled: "Hic sunt leones" ("Here there be lions"). Hopefully they will repent and start walking the other way before they are eaten (1 Peter 5:8).

Thank you, Kelly, for saying in six panels what would take me six thousand words.

By the way, 6,187 names on the petition and counting.


Rev. Alex Klages said...

Kelly is my beautiful wife and a wonderful theologian in her own right.

Father Hollywood said...


Well, she hit that one right out of the park. Her cartoon is profound, funny, subtle, and yet pulls no punches.

I hope she continues to "draw boldly." :-)

Steven said...

That comic is pretty hilarious

Rev. Dr. Gerhard Schiestnik, CEO-LCMS said...

I am astonished at such mean spirited comments.

Ablaze!(tm) (I CAN’T GET THE ITALICS TO WORK ON THIS COMMENT THING) is a movement seeking to reach 100 million unreached or uncommitted souls for Jesus by the 600th anniversary of the Reformation.

$25,000 in Ablaze!(tm) funding has been given to Jefferson Hills Church in Imperial, MO to post signs purporting to be from Satan attacking Jefferson Hills Church. Messages such as "Jefferson Hills Church Sucks!-(signed) Satan" have been put up on Missouri highways near the Church.

Such creative ways to reach the lost are being supported by the Ablaze!(tm) movement.

It is a shame that a pastor would be so negative towards this laudable goal. We all have a duty to reach out to the lost. It grieves me that a pastor in our Beloved Synod would so rudely and publicly speak out against this initiative. It equally grieves me that he would endorse the mean-spirited cartoons of a Canadian pastor’s wife, comparing your beloved President and CEO of the LCMS to the Pope!

I am fervently praying to God that you would make a decision to turn from your evil ways and ask Jesus into your heart!

In Christ,

Rev. Dr. Gerhard Schiestnik,
CEO of the LC-MS