Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Free-Market Austrian Economics Going Mainstream?

The mainstream conservative source of news, the Drudge Report, has an interesting cluster of articles today...
None of this is surprising in the least if you have been reading Lew Rockwell over the past few months or years, if you have been informed about the Federal Reserve and the Austrian School of Economics and studying the vast array of free scholarly works online. While the mainstream Republicans and Democrats and their lackeys in the media have been making the problem worse, there have been voices in government and in the private sector calling for sanity and freedom.

This meltdown is precisely why we need to return to Constitutional principles and end the Federal Reserve system. We are running out of time before we become a third-world country, and unless things change pretty radically and pretty soon, you'll be able to chronicle the decline and fall of America day by day on Drudge.

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