Friday, September 18, 2009

If I lived in Connecticut...

As a bonus, here is Peter Schiff's announcement that he is running for Senate. He isn't boring!


Fr Watson SSP said...

The neo-cons, zionists, federal loving idolaters, and yankee transcendalists won't let his campaign come to fruition or victory. Mr. Peter is in for a real steel-toed shit kicking.... alas.

Deo Vindice
Molon Labe
JW Watson

fooser77 said...

@Fr Watson SSP

This remains to be seen, just how monolithic (as JFK posits in 1961 at the Waldorf-Astoria) this "conspiracy" really is. Do cracks exist in their armor? The same goes for Dr. Rand Paul in Kentucky.

Dr. Ron Paul has a virtual veto-proof majority for H.R. 1207. If 1207 (which gives way to eventually H.R. 833) is relegated to the dustbin of history, then evidence of this conspiracy is confirmed.

What then, is a Christian to do?

Father Hollywood said...

Oh Father Watson! You need to post to FH more often!

You know, I think you may be the only person I would not censor for dropping an S-Bomb on Father Hollywood.

It actually made me laugh.

Not that I'm cut of the cloth of General Lee by any means, but soldiers would never curse in front of him - except for General Jubal Early that is. Lee never scolded Early for this, and it seems he was amused by the cranky general's ability to drop bombs of his own. Lee affectionately called him "My Bad Old Man" and Early was the only one who dared cuss in front of General Lee.

"Deo vindice" indeed, "General" Watson!

But I do think Schiff is also sufficiently booted, and that the you-know-what will fly in both directions.

It'll be fun to watch!

Molon labe. And don't forget: "I'm a good old rebel, now that's just what I am..."