Monday, September 07, 2009

From the Land of George Orwell

British Nanny State bans boy scouts from carrying pocket knoves.

And here is a great rant on this topic from a commenter. I did not write this. I was never in Boy Scouts. But I like what this guy has to say here, even if he's being a little obnoxious about it...

Well, I guess it's official. Englishmen are now all women.

When I was a kid, American Boy Scouts were REQUIRED to carry a knife and a hatchet. The patrol leader also carried an axe in case you had to take down a good-sized tree to make a bridge or something.

When you backback into camp thru miles of forest trails, you don't bring the luxuries.You carry a sleeping bag, twine, and tent material. You cut and carve your own tent poles and pegs onsite, and make bedding out of pine branches. If you show up without a knife, you get stuck digging the latrine. With any kind of luck you might catch some trout or snare a rabbit so you wouldn't have to eat the MREs or dehydrated survivalist crap you carried in as insurance against starvation. If luck was against you, the bears and other woodland creatures ate all your stuff when you weren't looking.

THAT's scouting. There was no such thing as peanut or gluten allergies, drugged-up ADD kids, or political correctness. You just went out in the wilderness with a bunch of other idiot kids plus a couple of alcoholic adults and tried not to die for 3 days.

Without knives and axes, it's NOT scouting, it's Campfire girls.


solarblogger said...

"Without knives and axes, it's NOT scouting, it's Campfire girls."

That's optimistic. I have my doubts as to whether they're allowed to have a fire. We'll call them Electric Heater Children of Unspecified Gender.

fooser77 said...

As an Eagle Scout, and U.S. Marine veteran, I am not as much either appalled or shocked by this. It was inevitable. Consider, that scouting was birthed in Scotland, by a mason.

For anyone who was in the Order of the Arrow, do you recall that your "tapping out," was quite reminiscent of what we now know about the very same ceremony within the Skull and Bones. Boy Scouting, and especially the secretive OA, was a preparatory school for future adult masons.

There is no doubt about that. Especially, in the OA, you got a "taste" of Shamanistic thought. Not a bad introduction, for a future Luciferian...