Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's aboot time...

What a joy to see Canadians taking a stand against tyrannical government - especially since two thirds of the people living in my house are Canadian citizens.

The so-called and Orwellian named Human Rights Commissions (both national and provincial) are a stench in the nostrils of any human being who believes in liberty. They are a blot on the long Anglo-Saxon tradition of fundamental freedom and the rule of law.

We don't have exactly the same type of quasi-judicial bodies in the U.S. (yet), but the creeping police state is making use of a similar principle - the use of "implied contracts" to take away our fundamental liberties - even those freedoms explicitly protected by the Bill of Rights.

For example, the courts routinely rule that by signing up for a driver's license, you are surrendering your 4th Amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure. In other words, police officers may detain and question any driver without a warrant or reasonable suspicion. Why? Because, by signing his driver's license, the driver has waived his rights.

A similar trick is used when matters that should be criminal are redefined as civil. For example, our speed and red light cameras in Gretna, Louisiana operate under the color of law by creating a system by which drivers can be fined without due process, with no witnesses, and with no evidence that the person has broken any law - and there is no judicial recourse. Such fines are civil matters, and the normal constitutional protections do not apply.

While such tyranny is minor at this point, and can be avoided by driving at 25 mph at all times in my otherwise wisely governed hometown of Gretna (the speed cameras are mobile and attached to a little white van and are often set up where the speed limit is not explicitly stated), what has happened in Canada is that Christians are being fined thousands of dollars for simply expressing the opinion that they agree with Holy Scripture. Pastors can (and have been) brought before these extrajudicial star-chambers and given fines in the thousands of dollars.

I had previously posted this video of Canadian freedom-fighter Ezra Levant's testimony before the HRC that he was summoned to. Compelling stuff.

Liberty is not just an American slogan. All people around the world crave liberty. Nobody wants to be ruled by tyrants. We all want freedom. And woe be to those who want to take or withhold liberty from people determined to have it. Both liberty and government are gifts of God, but when government tramples on our liberties - especially our freedom to preach the Gospel - it's time for those governments to change.

Bully for the Canadians!

HT: Rev. Mike Keith, the Scottish Lutheran.

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