Friday, September 25, 2009

Invest an hour...

...and watch this speech (with a little debate at the end) by economist Peter Schiff, dated November 2006 - two full years before the Wall Street Meltdown, and precisely owing to the real estate bubble he predicted here. Schiff is a gifted speaker who can explain economics in ways we can all understand. History has borne him out so far, and there seems to be no reason his forecasting will not continue to prove true.

Compare what you hear to what actually happened last year, and what is happening in the mainstream news right now:
Peter Schiff (and the free market approach to economics known as the Austrian School to which he holds) has been predicting exactly this scenario for many years - in spite of being scoffed at by central economic planning Keynsian School economists. Schiff has been advising investment clients based on these Austrian School market principles for more than a decade - much to the derision of establishment politicians, academicians, and con-men in the investment and banking industries.

In fact, there is a compilation video on YouTube of snippets of Peter Schiff making predictions considered outrageous at the time (2006-2007), even being openly scoffed and laughed at in TV studios of news programs. No-one is scoffing today. Click here for the video, called Peter Schiff Was Right - which is now been viewed 1.5 million times. Some of the people who scoffed at Schiff have taken a lot of heat, including conservative economist Arthur Laffer, and conservative commentator Ben Stein, who actually made a public apology to him.

When you hear anyone say: "Nobody saw this coming," direct them to the above videos. And if you would like to help save them from ruin as the economy gets worse, encourage them to read Schiff's book Crash Proof. If you want to find a way to protect your savings from theft by inflation and the sticky fingers of the federal government, you might also want to look into Euro Pacific Capital.

There is still time to protect yourself and your families from the collapse of the dollar that is becoming more and more inevitable as Capitol Hill does exactly the opposite of what guys like Peter Schiff, Lew Rockwell, Ron Paul, Tom Woods, and the Von Mises Institute have been saying is needed for many years.

Consider this hour an investment opportunity that won't cost you anything but your time.


Phil said...

The books are sitting on my shelf, waiting to be read eventually, but have you ever heard of Wilhelm Ropke? From what I've heard, he was mostly aligned with the Austrian School, but he departed on some key points which conservatives would probably like and libertarians would probably dislike. (And he was from a line of Lutheran pastors, to boot...)

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Phil:

Sounds interesting! Thanks for the tip.

Phil said...

I'm interested in Roepke because I think a question worth asking (which identifies who's a libertarian and who's a conservative) is whether the economic unit is the individual human being or the family. Jennifer Roback Morse has explained the reasoning for the latter answer on Issues, Etc. My understanding is that von Mises and Hayek tended toward the former, and supposedly Roepke argued for the latter.