Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Anybody need $6.8M ?

Free to good home: $6,800,000.

I got the following e-mail...

Contact Smith Raymond for your (ATM Card)with a fund worth 6.8 Million Dollars has been accredited in your favor.Email: smithraymond09@gmail.com

...and I'm passing it along to all Father Hollywood readers who may be interested. Of course, being clergy, I'm subject to some pretty unusual IRS rules, and I'm sure that if I were to take this money, I would get bumped into a different tax bracket. Boy, that would really mess up my tax forms.

Besides, $6.8M just isn't what it used to be. These days, I don't even think that would buy Steve Austin a hip replacement.

But it sure is nice that so many kind people, like this Smith Raymond, write to me on a daily basis to make such offers. For some reason, g-mail has a tendency to sort them into a folder called "Spam" along with all kinds of offers for pharmaceutical products. These kinds of e-mails always renew my faith in the goodness of man, and quite frankly, make me wonder if St. Augustine and all that "original sin" stuff might be an exaggeration.

But please do post back here if you take the money, and let me know what you plan on doing with it!

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