Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Latin Lover Podcast

"The Latin Lover" isn't a title one would associate with an American monk living in Rome - but "The Latin Lover" in this case is the Rev. Fr. Reginald "Reggie" Foster, the Vatican's foremost expert in the Latin language.

I stumbled upon Fr. Reggie's podcasts. You can subscribe and hear the good father hold forth on various topics related to ecclesiastical Latin and church history. If you think the words "Latin" and "lecture" and "boring" go together, you're dead wrong. Father Reggie is anything but dusty and musty (graduates of Concordia Theological Seminary - Fort Wayne will be reminded of our incomparable and beloved Dr. David Scaer - either with warm affection or with a chilling sense of dread - or both at the same time).

So if you'd like to be a Latin Lover, check out these podcasts. Father's Christmas special can be heard here. And here is a site dedicated to Fr. Reggie's Latin pedagogy.


Peter said...

Very cool. Thanks.

Peter said...

His Christmas translation of Leo was wonderful! (Now, sit down, and shut up)

Father Hollywood said...

It really was, wasn't it? Sometimes the best thing for us Christians to do is just that, isn't it? And the sermon is still fresh after nearly 16 centuries. Great stuff.