Friday, January 23, 2009

Home, Sweet Rome

At the risk of being called a "Romanizer" by the "usual suspects," I offer this wonderful article that has both Father and Mrs. Hollywood agreeing that if I had no divine call, we would be on our way.

Being that leaving is in no way an option for a servus Christi under holy orders, we continue to enjoy cappuccino in the morning in a city and region that may be the among the most un-American (in the good sense) in the Imperium Americanum.



Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Oh, go anyway. Without changing from Lutheranism, I mean. It's a beautiful and fun city, and as Martin Luther could tell you, higly educational, as well.

St. Peter's is downright depressing. My husband and I went back again the next day to see if we would have that same impression a second time, and we did.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Anastasia:

I can't leave my congregation. But it sure sounds like a great place to hang out for a while. Maybe some day we can pay a visit. Too bad about St. Peter's though. Maybe they could use a fresh coat of paint and some fresh flowers on something. :-)

Peter said...

Rome is the most wonderful city. I spent a semester there in college, and fell in love. I would love to see you as a Lutheran pastor in Rome!

solarblogger said...

The picture you included with your post captures something that I found in both Rome and Paris. There are qualities of light that you can see that you don't get elsewhere, at least anywhere in the United States that I have been. The afternoon light reflects off of stone, be it the Colosseum in Rome or numbers of other stone buildings in Paris. When cars are speeding by, the idea of "eternal city" is illustrated in a very concrete sense.

Past Elder said...

Been there. Ain't going back. City or Church.

BTW, thank you for the Scribbler honour. Been a little engaged lately being a crypto-papist according to some and a raging heretic and historical falsifier to others, but I will get on it.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Peter:

That must have been some experience. Very cool!

As far as a Lutheran pastor serving in Rome goes, well, maybe I can write a novel about it anyway. It could be fun - kind of Ballykissangel with espresso and family life. :-)

I would love to visit some day though, for sure.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Solarblogger:

There is a similar view in Philadelphia looking from the Museum to City Hall. But then again, "old" in Philly means from the 1600s (or in the case of a hoagy, one day) - which is "new" in Europe.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear PE:

"Been there, done that, got the shirt" and all that.

Glad you enjoy your Scribbler. You're a really gifted writer, and unlike myself, you always seem to have something interesting *and* intelligent to say - which is a hard balance to strike.

Past Elder said...

Well, one thing I don't have is a call to preach. I'm glad my essays may have some value, but the availability of excellent sermons and homilies by excellent preachers is the great blessing of the Lutheran blogoshpere, and one certainly finds that here!

BTW, I didn't get the shirt, but I did get the ash tray. Didn't steal it either -- the hotel gave them to each one in the group as a souvenir! Of course that was 1969; you probably can't even smoke there now.