Friday, January 23, 2009

Housewives making a comeback!

Wow! Check out this report from Australia.

Through a confluence of various cultural phenomena, it seems that there is a trend among young women to reject the modern woman-hating feminism and self-centered careerism that pushes women to compete with men, and instead are returning to the traditional vocation of what Scripture calls a "helpmeet" (Gen 2:18) and a "keeper of home" (Titus 2:5) - which sounds a whole lot like the modern version of the strong and powerful woman of Proverbs 31.

Dare we hope that womanhood will once again be something to celebrate and venerate instead of something to be ashamed of, something to exchange for a knockoff of masculinity? If nothing else, individual families that return to the biblical traditional model will experience home life that is impossible under the secular egalitarian approach. Can you just imagine quitting your job, bringing your children out of daycare, eating genuine and tasty home-cooked (and maybe even home-grown) meals with husband and children, and spending oodles more time together as a close-knit family? Let me tell you - any square footage in the house or material stuff to cram it with that you have to give up in order to do it is well worth it!

Of course, the mannish, sourpuss champions of "choice" will soon be denouncing women who opt to submit to their husbands and who choose to live out the godly vocation of wife and mother as some kind of "gender traitors." So much for the "freedom to choose."

Ladies, join the resistance!

A couple of places to start: Ladies Against Feminism (website) and Passionate Housewives (book). You're not alone, and your husband (and children) will love having a wife, a mother, and a real home-life once again.


theoldadam said...

I always liked those Aussies!

BassoonJedi said...

My testimony:

I read your blog and one day, almost a year ago, you posted something that linked to Stacy MacDonald's blog (and you've mentioned her book, Passionate Housewives, here).

I was disturbed in my spirit by what I read.

I kept coming back, as a thinking and intelligent woman, to read your posts... and I frequented Stacy's blog. I am a teacher with two professional degrees, and I struggled inwardly this past summer with whether or not to resign and not return to teaching in the fall. I decided to give it "another year" and found myself absolutely miserable. I resigned in October, and have been blessed to submit this area of my life to the Lord. I wasn't really big before on "cultural" areas of obedience to the Lord -- I thought the Ten Commandments would pretty much cover it and that's all God wanted from me.

Now I'm making the transition to part-time work and eventually, next fall, to homeschooling our children. I must make an impassioned plea for every woman to examine her heart before the Lord -- and examine Scripture. It's clear to my husband and I that we've made a decision that Satan doesn't like, as we've experienced some spiritual resistance unlike anything before. But I feel closer to the Lord now that ever in my life. It seems like the spiritual barriers that existed in my life previously are now torn down. My broken will before God has brought enormous personal peace, satisfaction and blessing, and brought serenity, a sense of orderliness, and renewed focus on Christ to our home. God be praised.

Just wanted to say "thank you" for your faithfulness in preaching, blogging, and staying true to the good and traditional principles of our faith. God bless you.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear BassoonJedi:

Thank you for taking the time to write, and for your kindness in encouraging me to stay faithful. It is a struggle for women to be faithful in a misogynistic culture, and for us pastors as well to continually shoot at windmills - only these windmills have a habit of shooting back.

Your note is a great reminder that we aren't shooting at windmills at all, but are confessing the truth - even if it is truly the most "inconvenient truth" of all. It isn't for the sower to make judgments about how effective his sowing is. His job is to keep sowing. Thanks for reminding me of this great and noble truth.

Blessings to you, your husband, and your children - by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ who will give you courage and strength.