Friday, July 03, 2009

Fr. & Mrs. H., Ottawa, 1992

In a spontaneous act of silliness in 1992, we had our picture put on a couple of coffee mugs at the Rideau Centre in Ottawa. We each kept one, as this was the days of our "long distance relationship". As you can see, it was winter - which narrows the time of year down to a six month window. Just kidding. Yes, those are fur hats, not 'fros.

I just used this mug yesterday. The other one is still in Ottawa (at least we think it is) in the custody of Grace's brother Bryan.

We don't have that many pictures of us together (as I'm usually the one taking the pictures). Unfortunately, the curve of the mug (the coffee mug, not my face, that is...) makes it difficult for my little Nikon Coolpix to process. So, the picture is blurry and a bit distorted. But it's still cool.

Maybe one of FH's readers can suggest a technique to better transfer the image from three dimensions into two without glare and blur.


Past Elder said...

That's you?!?!?!

Father Hollywood said...

Well, I'm the one on the right... :-)

Past Elder said...

Glad you cleared that up. I've heard of couples looking like each other after a while, but that would be ridiculous!

For just a moment, I thought the "holy card" picture in the other post was the latest of Mrs H and about ausgefreaked!

Funny how for some couples, Father Time pretty much leaves Mrs alone, but not Mr. I was like that with Nancy and me. Might have had something to do with the Cherokee in her. Absolutely stunning, imho of course!

Past Elder said...

Make that "It was like ..." not "I was like ..." Where is that I Know What You Meant function anyway?

Mike Keith said...

I took one look at the smiles on your faces and thought to myself: I bet they are in Canada! :-)

Mike Green said...

I didn't know you had a chin.