Friday, July 03, 2009

Rev. Paul Beisel on the Idols of our Age

The Rev. Paul Beisel was a classmate of mine at seminary. Take it from me, he is a top-notch theologian. I always find his blog posts thought-provoking and well worth a read.

Pr. Beisel has the gift to apply theology to life in the world and culture we find ourselves. Here is an example.

We may be tempted to think of idolatry as the stuff of the little stone gods of ancient primitives and grotesque wooden tiki carvings spoofed on TV sitcoms - things unrelated to real life in 21st century America. But as my colleague points out, our secular culture is defined by idolatry. Furthermore, it bleeds over into our church life as well.

How often I hear faithful pastors of struggling churches complain that people run off adter the siren call of "more attractive" churches (often outside of our own communion) for the "sake of the children" (a "vibrant youth group" or some such). It is also why a lot of pastors are under intense pressure to offer a pinch of incense to the god Entertainment by changing the worship services of the church into a variety show.

This is why the Old Testament is filled with warnings and judgment regarding idolatry, and why the First Commandment is what it is.

Thanks for this latest thoughtful post, Paul!

I commend One Lutheran Ablog(tm) to FH readers.

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