Friday, July 31, 2009

Traditional is always, always, always better...

I know such absolute declarations frighten Lutherans. But this is all the proof you need.

While vestments are indeed typically adiaphora ("indifferent things," i.e. things neither commanded nor forbidden by Scripture), there are times when they are not.
"Likewise, when there are useless, foolish displays, that are profitable neither for good order nor Christian discipline, nor evangelical propriety in the Church, these also are not genuine adiaphora, or matters of indifference." FC SD X:7
Leitourgia Divina adiaphora non est.

HT: Greg at The Holy Cause.


Anonymous said...

Gulp. Reminds me of a Rorshach test. Are those flowers -- or sliced Kiwi fruit -- on that ah,
rather unique creation?


Anonymous said...

So that's the appropriate chasuble for the Chicago Folk Service!

Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

I once had a pastor's wife told me that, contemporary worship fell under adiaphora and thus was OK. I then replied that she should check out the Solid Declaration on adiaphora, that there were several things they were doing that were obscuring the Gospel.

Adiaphora...just don't go there if you want to justify bad lyrics and lack of message.

WM Cwirla said...

OK. Who's been spying in my vestments closet? I'm not amused!

Theophilus said...

"Thus you nullify the word of God for the sake of your tradition."
(Matthew 15:6) This judgment applies today as well. This is always a present danger when tradition overshadows Jesus' covenant-gospel proclamation.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Theophilus:

I really like your comment, and believe it deserves more than just a comment in reply. So I wrote a reply in the form of a new post.