Monday, July 27, 2009

Monroe Street Cafe

Monroe Street Cafe, photo: West Bank Living.

Nice meals don't have to be pretentious or expensive, and they can (and often are) served in small, family-owned and operated restaurants located in residential neighborhoods. The Monroe Street Cafe is one such place here in Gretna, located at 1038 Monroe Street.

Below, thanks to Google Maps Street View, is a 360 degree view of the Monroe Street Cafe and its immediate environs (you can point your mouse and drag it around for a virtual tour):

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A parishioner treated the Hollywoods to a brunch after Divine Service this past Sunday, and it would be an understatement to say that we were impressed! This was our second visit to MSC, but our first time having their Sunday Morning Brunch.

Brunch consists of the following served over several courses:

Tomato or orange juice cocktail (basically non-alcoholic Bloody Marys or Mimosas)
Fresh Fruit Compote
Shrimp Remoulade
Eggs Benedict
Breakfast Sausage
Ham and Cheese Elfair
Roasted Garlic Grits
Biscuits and Jam
Coffee or Tea
Pecan Delight

We were unable to finish the meal, and boxed up the rest which we enjoyed anew this morning. The food was all home-made, fresh, spiced just right, and served with a flair for presentation. The entire brunch costs $13.99 per person!

We were blown away. Each course was absolutely perfect.

MSC is small, with only a few tables - but almost every table was full. The chef makes a point to greet each guest and ask about the food. He obviously loves what he does. His wife was serving as the cashier, and his daughter was our waitress. The service was not only on the ball, but friendly. Obviously, they all have a stake in the restaurant, and were not just "doing a job" to earn a subsistence paycheck in a corporate franchise. In such an intimate setting, you can pretty much hear the conversations of the others in the restaurant, and not surprisingly, the main topic of discussion was the food on the table! The ambiance is casual, and yet elegant. It is relaxed without sacrificing the fresh flowers and crystal.

MSC also offers a full compliment of espresso drinks, as well as pastries and desserts made on-site. And they also serve pizza. I have not tried any of these, but I really look forward to doing so. You can also order take-out. Monroe Street Cafe has set the bar high for future visits.

Here is an outstanding review in West Bank Living. But be careful, the pictures alone will make you hungry!


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Michael Larson said...

wow, this menu looks great. I like getting eggs benedict wherever I go.

Vicar Larson