Sunday, July 05, 2009

Louisiana Breakfast!

From my Facebook page...
"This is the perfect South Louisiana way to break the fast on a lazy, ninety degree Sunday afternoon after church, just as the explosive (but blessedly brief) downpour baptizes the steamy pavement anew: Two scrambled eggs, grits, spicy hash browns, ham, toast, and an Abita Amber.

I think this should become a tradition to be enjoyed every 4th Sunday after Trinity."
This breakfast was enjoyed by Fr. H. at Common Grounds, just a couple blocks from home. If you're really hungry, you can enjoy my Trinity 4 Special vicariously in supersize by clicking on the picture.

This was almost as much fun as my Canadian Breakfast: French toast, ham, coffee, Coke, and chocolate shake.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, man! Do you ever know how to live! That picture is just torture. Now I'm hungry.