Saturday, July 04, 2009

"God Save our American States!"

HT: The Rev. James McDonald.

A blessed day in honor of secession to y'all.



I find it fascinating that the religious of our nation do not see that their ideology is no less than that of the liberals who seek to impose & control, as well.

It's not enough for Americans to uphold freedom of religion, it is the religious intent to make everyone behave as they deem proper & appropriate - freedom be damned!

The religious do not own righteousness or have a copywrite on goodness. It is a mirror of liberal elitist attitude for either side to think itself "right" & thus impose.

Freedom is not assimilated if free choice is only as long as it is the choice you would make.

The assumptions of god & thus imposing such on this nation is what is killing this nation from both sides - ideology.

Society doesn't lack morals it lacks the development of personal responsibility.


btw - in that film, John Adams, during the writing, Ben Franklin made the comment to Jefferson regarding the Declaration about what is "self-evident".

To that end Franklin said that Jefferson's take that our rights are "sacred" did indeed, "smack of the pulpit" & was changed.

Whether this actual dialogue took place is in question, however, the understanding that religion is for some & not all was the point to be made.

If that be the case, then attempting to claim ownership of this nation as religious only seeks to do so in order to control others.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Iconic:

That's one of the beautiful things about the freedom articulated in our founding documents - religion is not imposed.

And that is also the point of the Christian faith - it is not imposed by king or Congress. The holy faith is spread only by preaching - not by the sword. People are won over only by the Holy Spirit, never by the rack.

The founders understood this, which is why the first amendment guarantees the freedom of religion and prohibited Congress from establishing a state church.

And this is also why the men at the end of this clip petition to God: "God save our American states!" - for they knew that Atheism only leads to the stuff of dungeons and chains and barbed wire.

Christianity teaches the sacredness of life, that human beings (no matter how old, small, born, unborn, religious, irreligious, intelligent, or mentally crippled) are of infinite value and have inalienable rights, viz. "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." Government's job is subordinate - to secure the rights given by God.

By contrast, Atheism (and its corollaries, Nazism and Communism) teaches the following creed: "I don't believe that people have the right to life. That's a supremacist perversion. A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy" (thus says Ingrid Newkirk, co-founder and national director of PeTA).

You are absolutely right that "attempting to claim ownership of this nation as religious only seeks to do so in order to control others."

Bravo! Because that is exactly what the newest and most PC religion of all, Atheism, is trying to do to those who confess faith in God: imposition for the sake of control.

Thanks for your thoughtful comments! And may you find peace in the Triune God in Christ Jesus!


Sir, you attempting to manipulate conversation by statements of disapproval of atheism is precisely the problem to which you are contributing.

I care not whether a man has god in his life or not - for if he is good from within, then he will make choices as such.

It is the sociopath in society who cannot from within himself have guidance to not infringe on his fellow man's liberty. How he obtains such is of no concern to me, only to those who seek to control others choices.

Laws in our nation protect society from such people of sociopathic persuasion.

If no god existed, no religion existed, those who do "wrong" would still do wrong and those who do good would still do good because of civil development, not fear & intimidation, nor the hope for reward.

It is disingenuous of any man to work toward good for his fellow man in hopes of reward - it is false; it is a lie of self-interest.

Accountability - own your choices

Responsibility - be able to respond to your choices

Consent - no choice without the consent of the other individual involved ("contract" upheld in the Constitution in a free market system).

Everything else is personal agenda toward controlling others.

Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Catholic, Atheist, Agnostic all are the same - the only thing that changes is the personal agenda by which to control others through ideological means.

You're not free if you're living in dogma or ideology - now you're just living in control of someone else's ideology.