Sunday, May 24, 2009

An Analysis of Notre Dame and Infanticide

Put on your asbestos suit before reading Thomas Fleming's treatment at Chronicles regarding the the latest scandal at Our Lady and how pro-life Christians ought to respond.

Here is the start:
'He came, he saw, he conquered,' is the headline of the Washington Post’s article on President Obama’s much heralded visit to Notre Dame. In a particularly stupid exercise in leftwing wishful thinking, Thomas Reese, S.J. – what a foul order the Jesuits have become – lauds the President...
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Peter said...

See Kevin Leiniger's article (New Sentinel, Fort Wayne, Saturday) concerning Notre Dame's shameful actions.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Peter:

Thanks for the tip! Here is the link.

If I remember right, Kevin is a member of Zion - Fort Wayne - where I did my seminary field work and where I was ordained.

Unfortunately, the Jesuits are all over the place. The high school I attended from '79 to '81 was unequivocally pro-life. However, one of my classmates at sem who graduated from the same school 13 years later reports that the faculty is now "pro-choice."

The Jesuit high school here in NOLA seems to have retained its conservative identity, while at the same time, the President of Loyola (NOLA) was singing the praises of The Vagina Monologues.

I do think the only way to effect change at Notre Dame is to hit them in the pocketbook, and the only real way to do that is to stop supporting football.

Sad to say, football is the de facto official religion here in the South, even as I suspect it is much the same in South Bend.