Friday, May 08, 2009

Scam calls supposedly from 407-658-4336

For months, I have been getting calls from this number: 407-658-4336. It is a recording claiming that our auto warranty is about to expire.

Of course, this is an annoying scam.

Even though I'm on the no call registry, I keep getting these calls. I keep reporting it on the complaint hotline, but they have yet to send me anything at all regarding my numerous reports.

A couple times I played along to speak to a human. As soon as I raise the "do not call" registry issue, they promptly hang up. This also happens the moment I ask for what company they are calling from. BTW, the phone number on caller ID is a fraud.

I hope they catch these people, and if there is ever a class action lawsuit, I'm in. Meanwhile, I am sorely tempted to buy one of those air-horns in a can, get the human on the phone, and give them a blast.

In related news, I did also get a call recently from the Scientologists.

Now, that was an interesting call...


Anonymous said...

You might have already tried this, but see if your phone company has a service where you can block the phone call by its phone number. I have that service on my phone, part of my package, and it is nice. Once the number is entered you never hear from that number again.

Mike Keith said...

Telemarketers make me so sad. And mad. Furious actually.

Dixie said...

I get the expired warranty calls, too! What annoys me is that when our phone doesn't answer at home I have the calls transferred to my cell phone and more than once these calls have awakened me from a sound sleep in another time zone!

Now I am getting similar calls about credit card rates. We, too, are on the no call list. I am going to look into that call blocking feature.

Father Hollywood said...

I'm using Vonage - which I'm actually quite happy with. However, Vonage (amazingly!) has no feature to block specific numbers.

But I'll bet I can find a competing VOIP provider that can do it (as if I have time for this kind of nonsense).

Anonymous said...

Comcast Digital Voice is what I use and they have that feature, but they aren't as inexpensive as Vonage.