Monday, May 11, 2009

A sad irony, comrades!

When I was a kid, we Americans used to make fun of the Russian newspaper Pravda (which is Russian for "truth") because it was all a lie, a propagandizing apology for totalitarian Communism.

How the world has changed!

Today, in a scathing editorial in Pravda Online*, the post-Soviet Russians are rightly criticizing the United States for turning its back on the free market and relying on central economic planning (in addition to pointing out our woefully weak education system and exposing American pop-religion as a sham).

The Iron Curtain may not have fallen at all, comrades. Perhaps it has just moved.

America is today the world's biggest deadbeat, Americans from all walks of life now expect government "bailouts," China is America's biggest creditor, and the Russians are lecturing us on capitalism, politics, and "reject[ing] Christ in hopes of earthly power."

Well, it's a good thing someone is telling the Pravda. The real question is: do Americans still care about freedom?

HT: Walter Block at LRC.

* Pravda Online is not related to the Pravda newspaper, but is run by former Pravda newspaper employees.

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