Monday, May 25, 2009

Pictures uploaded

I finally uploaded almost a year's worth of pictures to my Flickr sets (and even then, I still have a few more recent ones to do).

So, realizing that most FH readers will be utterly uninterested, I'm putting some of my favorite ones from this recent upload here. You can click to enlarge.

Elephant ears (the plant, that is, not me)

"Come, Mister Tallyman..."

It must be Caturday

Leo has an eye on La Boulangerie on Magazine Street

Leo (R) and his brother Rex (L) after a hard day of kittenplay

Leo with his barefoot mommy in the kitchen making cookies (don't tell Bryn Mawr, they might want their scholarship money back!)

Leo and Daddy celebrating Leo's Big Oh-Four at IHOP

Aunt Lisa throws Leo a surprise party

Those cat condos come in handy for catnaps

"T'row us sumptun, Mistah!"

Leonidas Rex?

Me and Mel

To infinity...

...and beyond!

Calling the Oracle of Delphi...

Two heads are better than one

Yes, that is our boy, alright (with his brother looking over his shoulder). Coffee not (yet) included.

Leo(L) and pal Vicar (R) take a break

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christl242 said...

What precious pictures of Leo and the kitties. Thanks for sharing them!