Saturday, May 09, 2009

Why Most Reporters are Boring

An as-always amusing burst of creative thinking from the ever-curmudgeonly Fred Reed.

Like everything else it touches, political correctness has taken the gritty edges off of news reporting, and turned it into a neutered Mister Rogers with a Word Processor and a handbag.


Jason said...

To a certain extent, I agree; however, the description of PC as Mister Rogers with a handbag makes PC seem almost benign, which it is anything but.

PC has so warped language that one can barely decipher what the truth is because there is no longer the courage to call something what it is. What's more, this PC seems to be one-sided and stilted. It not only makes most news boring, it makes journalists and journalism dangerous.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Jason:

I agree 100%. PC ranges from being mildly annoying to forcefully totalitarian. The PC movement is nothing less than the attempt to control people by controlling language. Thanks for your wise words!