Friday, May 01, 2009

Bible Research by Michael Marlowe

I stumbled across a really helpful website of articles concerning biblical studies: Bible Research by Michael Marlowe. The site is self-described as being "for Bible students who are looking for detailed information on the history of the canon, texts, and versions of Scripture."

The site is attractive and very well laid-out. The articles come from a diverse range of sources from across the spectrum of Christianity. Marlowe is a theologically-trained layman, a writer, and is a conservative Presbyterian (with Lutheran and Baptist roots).

There are some real treasures here, and Mr. Marlowe's site is easy to navigate and easy on the eyes.


Past Elder said...

What an excellent site!

After admittedly a brief examination, it seems to be entirely fair and even-handed.

The tumult of our times re Bible versions always makes me think of my first Bible, given to me in 1959 as an altar boy by a priest for whom I often served.

It's a hybrid -- what had been completed to date of what would become the New American Bible and the rest the then-traditional Challoner.

Drew Lomax said...

This is a great site, thanks for the "heads-up"!