Saturday, May 09, 2009

Creationism Fights Back

An interesting piece in the Washington Post about a creationist biology professor who takes his students to the Smithsonian every year.


Pastor Bakker said...

Dr. DeWitt is LCMS Lutheran! One of his aunt's (or aunt-in-law) was a member of our congregation until she entered eternal life during my first year here. He's been by several times, however, and is a wonderful Christian gentleman. Before I arrived our campus ministry had him speak on creation from the scientific perspective. Of course, the university ignored it. :-) Thanks for sharing the link!

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Jon:

How cool is that? If you have an e-mail address for Dr. DeWitt, could you pass it along? We're thinking of inviting him to NOLA to be a retreat speaker. Thanks!

Pastor Bakker said...

Dear Larry,
Yes, I have on at the chapel, I think, and I'm on the home cpu now. I'll email you tomorrow.