Friday, May 15, 2009

Personal Sovereignty?

Kevin Baugh, President of the Republic of Molossia

Click here for a Father Hollywood article that is being published by Lew Rockwell this weekend (May 16, 2009) under the title: "Personal Sovereignty?"


Rosko said...

As always, Father, a fine article!

Greg said...

Most excellent sir!

Dcn. Muehlenbruch said...

Avery good article, indeed. Would that our "Representatives" in "The Government" would read this and take it to heart.

I fear that we are in danger of destroying our Constitution if things keep going as they seem to be tending.

All I can pray is "God. save the State (Constitution).

James Sarver said...

Thanks for your refreshing perspective. My children, indoctrinated by the state, were fond of reciting "It's a free country!" when disciplined and were aghast when informed that the free country began on the other side of the curb. This side of the curb is a benevolent dictatorship. I'm not sure they ever grasped it. A very alien concept for our times.

solarblogger said...

People who hear of sovereignty other than the statist versions often imagine that it entails "anything goes." As you point out, nothing could be further from the truth.

But there are some nice ironies to the idea as well, as Chesterton noted in Manalive: "'You believe in Home Rule for Ireland; I believe in Home Rule for homes', he cried eagerly to Michael. 'It would be better if every father COULD kill his son, as with the old Romans; it would be better, because nobody would be killed.'

That last line is pure Chesterton.

Greg said...

Your link to LRC is broken.

Father Hollywood said...

Hi Greg:

I just tried it, and it worked. Maybe just a hiccup?